The website of Roger Da Forno's 1950 MG YA



My car is an almond green 1950 MG YA which I purchased about four years ago. It is the third MG I have owned as I have always enjoyed Morris related cars ever since I had a Morris 8 at university.

I have always had an interest in pre-war or pre-war designed cars and that is what I found appealing about the Y type, as it was designed in the late 1930s, but wasn’t built until the war was over.

These days, even though there are still up to 1000 other MG Y (A or B) type cars still in existence, most are garaged and I have never seen another on the road. It is certainly one of the less well known of the post-war MG models and many other MG owners (let alone other car owners) often seem puzzled as to what it is when they pass by, but most will always wave.  More