The website of Mike Faragher's Morris Minor 1000



My car is an old English white 1966 Morris 1000 which I purchased in 1974. I bought it for £200 from a local elderly lady who was the original owner, so it only had a small number of miles on the clock and had been well looked after.

I bought the car as my family had owned Minors in the past, although I  was aware it wasn’t the sort of car most of my other teenage friends were buying.

I enjoyed driving it from the beginning and in the late 1970s, I founded the Manchester branch of the Morris Minors Owners Club. At the first event there were about 30 people who attended, but the club grew rapidly and is still thriving today with many more members, including those with Travellers, commercial vans, and one with a rare very 1949 Minor.  More