The website of John Hudson's 1990 Morgan Plus 8



The car is a midnight blue Morgan Plus 8, with a 3.9 litre engine. It was made in 1990 and I have owned it since 1998.

I only drive it occasionally, which is why it has only done 32,000 miles, but when I do drive it, I always have the top down. It’s the second Morgan I have owned and like the previous one, it is a great car to drive, with a great engine noise. Once you get the wind in your hair, it’s a fantastic motoring experience and with its long bonnet, it is also a great sight for others to see as it speeds by.

I mostly only drive it for leisure purposes, although I do occasionally take it to shows where it gets lots of positive comments.

I do feel part of the Morgan family, having visited the factory several times, which is always a great experience. I am also part of the main Morgan club and I know a lot of other Morgan owners. I hope to own the car for a very long time as it would take something very special to replace it.