Frequently Asked Questions


Do you build websites for any type of car?

At present, we build websites for any model of car of the following marques: Aston Martin, Austin, Austin Healey, Bentley, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Mini, Morris Minor, Morgan, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Rootes Group, Triumph, Vauxhall and Volkswagen.

How long will it take for you to build the website?

We aim to start building each website as soon as you have placed your order and it should be completed within 7 to 14 days, although we ask that you allow up to a maximum of 28 days, in case we are very busy or there are particular issues we have to deal with.

Can you build a website for my car even though I am not in the UK?

We build websites for car owners around the world.


I would like you to take photographs of my car for my website, but I am not able to drive my car to your location in North Cheshire, are you able to come to my address to take photographs.

Yes, that is possible, but there will be an additional charge to cover travelling time and costs, depending on where you are based. The additional cost ranges from £50 to £250. (Calculate the exact cost here) nnn


I have some video footage I would like to include when you build my website, will that be possible?

We can add your video footage to your website when it is being built, for no additional charge. Once you have placed your order, let us know you have some video footage you would like us to add and we will let you know the best way to send it to us.

Can you add more pictures and information to my website at a later date or on an on-going basis?

Once we have built your website and it is on the Internet for other people to view, we can either provide you with the very simple tools and know-how to add as much additional content yourself for no extra charge. Or, up to three times in the first year, you can send us further photographs, text and video* and we will organise it and add it to your website ourselves, for no extra charge. (*There are generous limitations as to how much you can supply us and these will be discussed once the website is built).

If I sell or dispose of my car at a later date, will it be possible to remove my website from the Internet?

Yes, we can remove your website from the Internet at any time you like.

I have several cars, can you build me a website which features all of them?

Yes, we can build a bespoke website for all your cars, but that will be priced on an individual basis, depending on exactly what is required.

I would like to purchase a website as a gift for a friend, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible, but you will have to pre-pay for the website and we will then liaise with your friend directly.

I am a member of car club, can I get a discount?

You will need to check with your car club to see whether they have a special relationship with ourselves.

Do you only build websites for old classic cars?

We build websites for cars of all ages. While most websites we build are for older cars, we are just as happy to build a website for you if your car is brand new and you want to display it for others to see.

Will there be any extra charges?

Once we have built your website, that's it. It'll be up on the Internet for everybody else to view. However, in one year's time, you will be billed £20 for annual web hosting, and so on.